Maestro Raw Info and Sign-up for 2018

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Maestro Raw Info and Sign-up for 2018

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Maestro RAW sign up link:

Maestro RAW is exactly the same format as Maestro but specifically intended for students and recent graduates.

Currently Maestro RAW is being cast all at once. That means for months that don't have a student mainstage, all weeks of Maestro RAW are cast at the beginning of the month, then submissions will be cleared before the next Maestro Raw month.

From Roy Janik (edited for Maestro Raw only information):

Hey guys! I'm scheduling/wrangling Maestro right now.

My phone number is 512-638-7265, and my email is - holler if you have any Maestro-related needs. (I'm quick on the trigger when it comes to email, so that's my preferred method of communication.)

Maestro RAW is on Saturdays on months that don't have student mainstage shows at 6pm. (Call time 5:20pm.)

If you're running tech, here's a great tutorial!

Current Policies:
Call-time for Maestro Raw is 5:20.

Warm-Ups will be organized and led by a director or a pre-assigned member of the Maestro cast. Warm-ups begin at 5:30pm.

Staying for notes is required. Notes will not last longer than 15 minutes.

If you ever miss a signup post, you can always submit at

Here's a feedback form for filling out after you play Maestro:

In the spirit of transparency, if you ever want to take a peek at how the sausage is made, here you go:

Have a good time, party people!
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