City Council Elections 2009

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Brewster just conceded.
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Matt wrote:I voted, therefore I feel I have the right to complain about the actions of the council during this term.
I did not vote, but the guy I wanted to win won anyway, so things turned out exactly the same way they would have if I had voted, so I still feel like I have the right to complain.
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Miggy wrote:
Jeff wrote: I'm voting for McCracken. Leffingwell's website blows.
It's strangely interesting to me how often I hear that as a determinant for people in their voting patterns. Sign design seems to matter to a lot of people, too.
Re: the web site comment: To me, it's an "if that, what else" situation. Also, a big part of a politician's job is to sell his or her ideas to the public. Perception is huge. If the politician neglects the biggest connection to the public, it's like not caring about the public... and how is he or she going to sell ideas to other businesspeople and decision makers?

I'd be curious to see the studies on sign design. I figured that it mattered, but mostly on a subconscious level.
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officially sworn in...

[youtube] ... r_embedded[/youtube]
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