Big Blue Crush

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Big Blue Crush

Post by EmilyBee »

Although I ran through the streets (and the Geary Street tunnel) screaming for joy in San Francisco in November 1992, I don't think I ever had a huge crush on the entire First Family before.

I'm still in love. And I think I'm actually kind of pragmatic about my expectations. My brain is saying, "Take it slow... you've been burned before," but my heart is saying, "Da-a-a-a-a-a-amn!!!"

Is it the ghastliness that came before? Is it that he/they are so amazingly smart and inspiring? Is it that I can finally listen to a President speak and not want to dig my eardrums out with a spork?

I'm blushing. Truly. And never the cock-eyed optimist, but I suppose I've been marketed to quite effectively. Touche, Barack.
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Post by valetoile »

Every time they say "President Obama" on NPR, I get a little thrill.
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