Chopped exercise idea

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Chopped exercise idea

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Alright imagine how amazing an exercise would be that copied the format of Chopped except there is no real food. you would use all the improv muscles. The audience(someone in practice) would pick the 4 ingredients and then you're off.

Listening: the judges would have to pay close attention to each contestant and what they are making/what they feel like they screwed up on and what they feel like came out perfectly, then they would use that information to judge it.
Callbacks: the entire thing would be based on callbacks, and remembering something that was done to call it back.
Commitment: If a contestant doesn't really know how to cook, it doesn't matter! if they want to create a steak and marshmallow compote with a spinach dog hair reduction sauce, so be it! One just has to believe that it is a real dish, and it is.
Whatever muscle makes you shut up when someone else is talking (listening again?): people would take turns having solo camera time like in the show.

I imagine this as more of a long form exercise than an actual form to be done in front of an audience. What do y'all think? has something like this been done before?
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Re: Chopped exercise idea

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Sounds awesome. Get a cast and submit it as a Free Fringe idea.
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