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Set List

Post by BramaHowturd »

I'm thinking of a way to seague into both my delight in the Queen's English being the forum's standard when forming a useraccount, as well as say (admit?) I'm Brian Howard. Most people seem to think its the King's English, even whilst Elizabeth draws breath. andimbrianhoward. Look, while I understand there was a little bit of drama involving, well, quite a few people on my original Facebook, I want to see this show so much I'm considering playing the 'I didn't do anything, and it hurt me much more' card. Yes, that was annoying, and I do empathize with people who might ban me or even call me a trog* for playing that card, but hey: Lots of people tend to say "the King's English." Takes all kinds!

That said, I am so freaking busy, and so needing a comedic break of a specific sort, that I thought I'd ask if the Set List has been performed by anyone in the scene, or, if I'm being honest, if there were future plans for people doing it. You know, so I could have fun. For those who might not have heard of it, sorry to act like it shoudl be obvious: the Set List is a comedie showe that Paul Provenza brought to Austin a few SXSW's ago, but its kind of a worldwide thing, as far as improviser-standups go. Its that thing where the audience and comedian find out at the same time (via wallpaper or science) the topic/theme of the 5-minute routine. Kind of like stand up short form, I suppose, if you want to be a bit snobbish. I wouldn't call it that.

Sincerely, I an sorry to ask here at the AIC, especially with that bit I seagued past, but as I see my first not-workstudying day(s) almost ready to schedule, all I saw on the interweb, media-wisem was a podcast (a quite good one; to whomever does it: well done!), and with the whole set list improvise austin search string, the aforementioned Paul Provenza thing SXSW thing.

In case this gets buried reverse-detrius style, I did want to greet those people I know, and while I understand the frustration some might feel towards me, let alone the howling indifference I'm imagineering, keep in mind: that's what a lot of people said about the Green Room, and if you don't like that show, I imagine you'd be frustrated with me anyway...

I'm so, so, sorry for ending with an ellipth.

*you know what I mean, luddite!
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Re: Set List

Post by Spots »

Hey Brian.

I was defriended by whoever was posing as you.

Someone logged on as you from like Alexandria, VA and started talking to me and they were someone additional to the original person who hacked you. They disagreed with the hacking.

I asked for proof, and guess what?

They were afraid to tell me who they were. But within seconds they did provide proof. Right before I got defriended (assuming by a 2nd person) on your account.

So I don't need to be convinced. I saw it with my own eyes. Sorry brother. That's the only side of the story I know.

But this Alexandria VA stranger did you a good deed.
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