Indoor track in Austin?

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Indoor track in Austin?

Post by jillybee72 »

Training schedule-wise I need to get a couple of runs in while I'm in Austin. Is there anywhere with an indoor track? I can get one free pass to the YMCA Town Lake, but maybe there is another place for the other day?

Thanks for the halp.

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LuBu McJohnson
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Re: Indoor track in Austin?

Post by LuBu McJohnson »

I have a treadmill. I'm sure you want an actual indoor track, but I DO have a treadmill in case you can't solve the prob and need a nice air-conditioned run.

Um, could you go to another Y for free? There is one on 183 but I don't know what's in it.
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Re: Indoor track in Austin?

Post by beardedlamb »

we dont tend to have indoor stuff cuz it so rarely snows here. theres some crazy indoor mini-golf places with blacklights and lsd flashbacks. if you can muster it, getting in a jog before 9 or 10 is a pretty good way to avoid the heat, especially if you end it with a swim somewhere.
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Justin D.
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Re: Indoor track in Austin?

Post by Justin D. »

Does it have to be indoors? You could go for a run around Lady Bird Lake?

I know Gold's Gym just south of Ben White has an indoor track that literally runs around the gym, with people working out on the outside and inside of the circle.
Katie T.
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Re: Indoor track in Austin?

Post by Katie T. »

You could do Gold's free one day to try it out I think. Then I'm working all week at UT and you could come mid-day to use the Gregory Gym track. I'll pop out and meet you to walk you in. $10/day You can go swimming in a pretty outdoor pool when you're done if you want!
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