Get Interviewed by the world's biggest Improv Blog!

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Get Interviewed by the world's biggest Improv Blog!

Post by poltergasm »

Hi there, my name's Andrew. For the last three months I've kept an improv-focused blog at

And I want you to join in the fun!

I'm going to start conducting a series of written interviews with improvisers from all over---Austin and far beyond. And I'd love to interview you!

Here's how it would work:

1. You email me at and say you'd like to participate.
2. I reply with a list of questions for you to write your answers to. The questions won't always be traditional improv questions. It'll have the flavor of Esquire's fantastic interview series "What I've Learned" (see the complete archive of those here: ... ed-archive)
3. You send me your answers. Be as detailed as you can. I may do some editing for space, but I won't change a single word of your answers. I want your voice to shine through.
4. If you can send me a photo or two of you, awesome. Otherwise I may try to grab one off Facebook or the internet.
5. I'll post at least one interview on the blog ( per week---though maybe more if the response if good enough.
6. You become famous.

It doesn't matter how "experienced" or "good" you are at improv. It doesn't matter how long you've been doing it. I want your thought, whether you're a noob or an old pro. I don't care what theater you took classes at, what troupes you're in, etc. I WANT YOU!

So please don't be shy and drop me a line at I'll reply with your questions within 24 hours.

Thanks, AIC. You're the best friend a boy could ever have!


* is not the world's most biggest Improv Blog. It's probably in the Top 500 though.
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Re: Get Interviewed by the world's biggest Improv Blog!

Post by BriHo »

On the year and three month anniversary maybe coming up and maybe behind us (collateral damage from War on Women; less use for Maths, don't ask), I thought I'd suggest that, if you keep bloggin' despite all them haters, you might want to pick up for nickels on the dime all the podcasts that were amazing but were not on earwolf/UCB umbrella/Maron-Hardwick umbrella financial models.

Improv Nerd with Jimmy Carhane has great guests and it comes from interesting places. ImprovGeek is the UCB version of ImprovNerd, but he's hipsterscending to everybody and usually wrong.

Improvise New York has INCREDIBLE guests for the most part and, probably because of the cohost leaving for Las Vegas improv, she made the podcast go tits up end of last year.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: He won't update unless you take some of his rss redirects, which would be a pretty bold improv choice, young man.

I don't know why a) Coldtowne Theater was the only one with a podcast b) It lasted almost no episodes but it was pretty awesome. I'd link you, but I have to think of questions when I send this a year ago, right?
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