Get Involved in a Women's Heath Event

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Get Involved in a Women's Heath Event

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An old friend of mine, Megan, contacted me to spread the word about an event she's putting together on February 14th. Details below! Also, she is good people!


Women Friends and Friends of Women,

On this the 40th year anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision I am both overwhelmingly grateful to my predecessors for their efforts to secure my personal and physical liberties and also deeply troubled by our current culture and political climate that would seek to undermine and eliminate these rights.

As Women and Friends of Women we fight everyday to keep invasive legislation out from twixt' our nethers. The rights and liberties that we enjoy today are neither sufficient in and of themselves nor are they something that we can become complacent in expecting to be around forever. We must not only fight to further our feminist cause, we must also fight to keep secure and sacred the hard-won rights that are everyday threatened by anti-women oppression.

I personally feel that our greatest strength as women lies in sommunity support, netoworking, and engagement, while our biggest weakness is and under or ill-informed populous. I propose that we use our greatest asset of involvement to combat our greatest weakness of ignorance.

I would like to work across disciplines and organizations, across intersections of interests to hold a fund/awareness raiser and celebration of all things feminine. I am seeking any interested individuals or organizations to help imagine, plan, and coordinate a Valentine's Day Event at VUKA COOP. Do you know of an awesome women's rights start-up that could use some funding? Do you work for a health clinic that provides low-cost, comprehensive care for women? Is your roommate a caterer that is especially adept at making vaginally inspired crudite?

If you or anyone you know might like to be involved in any capacity, please get in touch! We will be hosting a preliminary planning meeting and brainstorming session THIS SUNDAY JAN 27th !! at Please respond to for more information, location, directions, or with any ideas or questions.

Thank you all for your consideration, contribution, and commitment.

In Solidarity,
Megan Elyse Bontempo
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