Do you Play an instrument or sing??

Everything else, basically.

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Marc Majcher
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Post by Marc Majcher »

I'm a singer, and have a bunch of instruments that I can't really play very well at all. Oh, and I have a theremin. It's less exciting than it sounds.
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Post by Deano »

I can sing, play guitar, bass, harmonica and drums.
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Post by Spots »

majcher wrote:Oh, and I have a theremin. It's less exciting than it sounds.
I <3 theremin. Is it a moog?
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Post by EmilyBee »

I sing. I sing lots. I sing opera and other stuff. And I can play silly percussion and I'm going to learn the ukulele and, did I mention, I sing?
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Post by Rosenbaumer »

I play guitar, drums, bass, and mandolin. I don't like playing the mandolin; I'm not sure why I play it. I also can fake playing drumkit using a Roland HandSonic and a couple of foot pedals, a setup I'd be keen to use in an improv or jamming context.
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Post by hujhax »

I can sort of sing (bass/baritone) and sort of play acoustic guitar.


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Post by wiggies »

I can play the harmonica and I have a really awesome bass harmonica that I haven't yet learned to play well.

But it is so cool.

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Post by Chuy! »

I can bust a rhyme and sing on thyme (time)...
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Post by TigerStripes »

Avimaan Syam: banjo
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Post by LisaJackson »

I sing. I am pretty rusty but I can also play the violin.

Josh Gill is a badass drummer. Plus he can play the saw and sing well too.
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Post by Kim »

I play bass.
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Post by KathyRose »

I sing alto. Untrained, but I can carry a tune. I actually sang a hymn on stage by myself, acapella, for "The Carpetbaggers Children" earlier this year.

I also still have my tenor sax from my high school & UT Longhorn Band days, but I'm sure it would make a mournful sound if I tried to play it again. Not because of my playing; it would actually be in mourning.
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chelsea gilman
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Post by chelsea gilman »

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Post by valetoile »

chelsea. wrote:amateur drummer
lookin good!
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sara farr
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Post by sara farr »

I love music, but I really can't do any of these anymore.

Trumpet/Cornet - lost the embouchure
Baritone Horn - lost the embouchure
Piano - minimal; have to learn the sequencing - can't jam
Classical Guitar - no callouses; hurts to play
Voice - beginner; was taking lessons to learn to improvise-sing in different voices. Very fun, but since the lessons have stopped, I fear I've slid back to where I was in the beginning.

However, I can probably play silly music:
Egg Shaker
Bike Horn
Call Bell
Cow Bell
Hand Bell
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