Do you Play an instrument or sing??

Everything else, basically.

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Do you Play an instrument or sing??

Post by craigy »

Not sure if this exist... But I think we need to set up a musical instrument database for us to better know what the AIC can offer...

Roy J - Ukelele
Craig Kotfas - Guitar/Sing
Brockman - Keys
Bill Stern - Keys

and so forth...

if someone needs a fiddle or bass player, etc... for a project, they can search this thread to fill their needs...
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Post by Aden »

I sing.

I also play the tambourine and the oboe, BUT I don't have an oboe anymore, I traded it with a friend for rock climbing gear. We switched hobbies.

I also have some basic guitar and keyboard skills (BASIC BASIC BASIC).
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Post by Asaf »

John Ratliff - keys
Valerie Ward - cello
Tom Booker - accordion
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Post by Jeff »

Alida Villatoro - violin
Michael Ferstenfeld - guitar
Daniel Rigney - guitar
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Post by mpbrockman »

Yes, I play mostly keys with y'all; but I also sing, play bass, guitar, passable drums and can find my way around most brass.

One-stop shopping.
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Post by Chelley »

I sing pretty much any style but prefer Jazz.
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Post by valetoile »

I wouldn't really say I play the cello. But I know some people who do.
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Post by Zach »

I play the tuba.
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Post by Halyn »

I play the flute! I'm re-learning how to read sheet music.

And I sing a bit, But I'm working at getting better.
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Post by Spaztique »

I sing, compose, play some guitar (basic rhythm stuff), some piano (mainly synthesized stuff, like basslines, leads, and synth guitar), and some drums (I can keep a basic beat, but nothing fancy).
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Post by bradisntclever »

I'm rusty, but played a bit of blues harmonica in my day. I also dabble in synthesizers and, if I ever get the time to pick it up again, the cello.

Also, Erik Adams gave me this brand new instrument as a birthday present on stage at ColdTowne a few weeks ago.


That's just some footage I found of the same instrument.
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Post by vine311 »

I can sing. I can scream. I can sing and scream at the same time.

I also play the bass and trumpet pretty badly.
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Post by Spots »

Not handy for live performances but I can compose soundscapes and ugly, clanky songs with a synth.

Also I have the completely redundant ability to autotune voices, including myself.
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Post by Rev. Jordan T. Maxwell »

for what it's worth when i'm in town, i sing...i can play about three chords on a guitar (and roughly at that). pretty good at most hand percussion instruments. and i can riff a bit on harmonica.
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Jon Bolden
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Post by Jon Bolden »

I've played guitar for 15 years but I am not really that great at it (from a technical standpoint). I can learn any song that is just chords no problem. I would actually say I'm a much better bass player.

I can also play set drums.
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