Want to be an Improv Writer?

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Want to be an Improv Writer?

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I've started an improv-focused blog at YesAndrew.com, and lately I've been experimenting with adding content from outside contributors (i.e., not just me). Would you be interested in writing up a piece about something improv-related? If so, I'd love to check it out, and if it fits, post it for everyone to read.

Specifically, I'm looking for editorial and instructional pieces, anywhere between 250 and 1000 words. For example, posts that discuss:

-A review of an improv show you saw or were in
-Your approach to a specific improv component, like auditioning, yes-anding, side support, character work, finding and playing the game, formats, directing, coaching, rehearsing, etc.
-Humorous "lists" ---- like "8 Improv Gags You Should Try" or "4 People Who Should Take Improv Classes"
-How to do something specific, like "play with a bad improviser" or "create a new format" or "edit a scene" or "create a story onstage" etc.

I'm interested in YOUR thoughts and YOUR opinions. I'm also interested, obviously, in high quality writing that is creative and fun. Your personality should shine through. This isn't CNN.com, after all. It's a silly little blog about improv.

If you're interested, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly:

Andrew Buck

And feel free to just send me any pieces you have. I cannot promise it'll get published, as I'm trying to maintain a certain feel and consistency with this site. But I'll certainly reply to everyone.

Thanks for reading!
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