Improv Wins-- book with Austin roots JUST released

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Improv Wins-- book with Austin roots JUST released

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The Federal government is shut down and improv rolls right along.


I was asked to plug this book. It's one I've been following for years & I think you want to know about the book. So before I get my hands on a copy this Friday I'm definitely plugging the book here:


Here's my guess what this book is ultimately about-- unlocking brains. Left and right, a student walks in and consistently enough a student's brain goes "ahhhh I get it" somewhere along the journey. Consistency. Unlocking. Moving forward with confidence. That's my pitch on the authors. Their ability to do that anywhere.

Here's what I'm excited about. I really want to see what Chris & Tami focus on in the book. I know that I admire the simplicity of the methods in particular, and the honest approach to scenes. But most of all I'm curious if my own observations are in line with Tami's or Chris's observations when they sat down to write about their teachings after the fact.

I know what I see. But where does that fall with what they see?

There's definitely something to C&T's methods that allows a student his/her own concepts to pop into his head during training. For instance while taking Tami's class I felt my head expanding and struggling with Straight/Absurd. So I talked to her about breaking down the concept to something that I thought would streamline the concept in my own head. Make it digestible on a consistent basis (which was the hard part). It was a breakthrough for me-- even though I was diverging from her convention-- her teaching was the bassline that allowed me to grow. Something similar happened when Chris taught me his favorite subject: patterns.

Maybe you'll have a similar experience with the book? Maybe you want to know everything related to Austin improv? These two dudes have contributed to the story & fabric of Improv in the South and now you can find it officially in writing.

Snatch up a copy to keep up to date. ... 8entert-20
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