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Marc Majcher wrote:Wax on, wax off.
especially if you're about to do nude improv. :P
Sweetness Prevails.

-the Reverend
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I remember halfway through the Andersons's run, some of the cast was gone and my character was kind of thrust to the fore front. Because I was in much more than out, it suddenly became effortless out there on stage. I wasn't thinking about anything, just totally being my character. At one point Jason, Jon, Curtis and I sang a song around a camp fire together. It was the first time I'd ever improvised a song in a show, it was a KILLER song and was one of the best times I've ever had on stage.
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I was so tired during Thursday's LAFF show that at one point I could see blue/green-ish glowing lines flowing around and framing the stage. :shock:
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My first time came in my first Level 6 Class showcase at the Hideout. It was Barbie and Ken, I played Ken. We were on the run from the cops. I just knew the next scene every time. It was like being Neo for a moment. I have had others and other times where I have completely lost myself in the Character and forgot I was an actor on stage. Both of those kinds of moments are so great.

This thread inspired this list. Thanks for this thread. These are some things I learned about Improv from The Matrix:

1. No One Can Make You The One or An Improviser
2. You will have people that REALLY believe in you (and 1 or 2 that don't)
3. Classes Teach You Skills - Skills are Important - Skills are Not Enough
4. You, and Only You, Decide to be An Improviser
5. Trust Your Oracle - What the Oracle Tells you is Right for You!
6. Stop Trying to Hit me and HIT ME! Slow Motion Action Is Enough.
7. If you Character Feels Something - Feel It! If you are Killed - DIE.
8. Oracles and Improvisers know EVERYTHING!
9. Sacrificing you Character for the good of the show is Great - Sacrificing to save another Character is, well, Amazing
10. Warm cookies are perfect after a tough truth or challenging moment.
11. Residual Self Image is real. WE all have to fight the limitations we bring onto the stage.
12. Follow the White Rabbit - Everything is exactly as it seems until we change it.
13. Déjà Vu, like Call Backs are important – Don’t Ignore them!
14. Everything ends - and the new normal may only be a little different - or you may be able to fly.
15. If you have anything important to say, Say It Now!
16. “As a Species, Human Beings Define Their Reality through Misery and Suffering.”
17. There is No Spoon.
18. Show these people a world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible.
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