FUCK, IT'S CHRISTMAS!!! - Sketch comedy for the High Holiday

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FUCK, IT'S CHRISTMAS!!! - Sketch comedy for the High Holiday

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Austin Christmases are the furthest thing from the Norman Rockwell tradition and we wouldn't have it any other way. That's the inspiration behind FUCK, IT’S CHRISTMAS, an evening of Yuletide sketches with a Bat City twist brought to you by the holly jolly folks of The Institution Theater.

FUCK, IT’S CHRISTMAS will look at the holidays through the lens that only other Austinites will understand: Are the three-hour cattle-like lines for the Trail of Lights worth ruining your relationship over? Do you really need vinyl ashtrays and cat hair art or are we just being caught in the competitive crossfire of The Armadillo Craft Bazaar? Why does The Soup Peddler exist as a thing all year round?

Take a seat on the ACC Santa’s lap, a regretful ride in a Uber cab and a foolish dive with the polar bear swimmers at Barton Springs, and attend the competitive crafting world of the Armadillo Bazaar deep in the heart of Texas.

What the show lacks in treacly sentimentality it more than makes up for in holiday balls. John Aielli, Leslie the Gender-Fluid Christmas Angel and a rousing chorus of "God Rest Ye Hairy Feminists" awaits.

Written by Brently Heilbron. Directed by Tom Booker. Featuring Mike Carreon, Duncan Coe, Bryan Curry, Claudio Fox, Bryan Roberts, Sam Schak, Kim Stacy, Sarah Swofford, and Elena Weinberg.

You can purchase your tickets in advance at: http://www.theinstitutiontheater.com/sh ... h-holidays

Heidi :)
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