New Troupe Announcements!

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New Troupe Announcements!

Post by hujhax »

If you've just formed a troupe, or heard of a troupe that's just formed, post info about it here!


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Re: New Troupe Announcements!

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Quinn Buckner and Ryan Austin super sweet duo. Three formats and the one performed is decided by spinning a wheel. Debut this Thursday yo!
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That Racket!

Post by mitchmills »

That Racket! is a new musical improv troupe consisting of:
  • Linzy Beltran
    Stephanie Chiarello
    Ella Gale
    Amy Lowrey
    Mitch Mills
    Michael O'Connor (our musician)
    Kevin Smith
We've been rehearsing since mid January and having a ton of fun and hope to start booking some stage time soon.

Stay tuned!
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Re: New Troupe Announcements!

Post by Mr.Needles »

We're only about a ten months behind on making this announcement but heck, Empty Promises is new enough. We just came back from the New Orleans Comedy & Arts Festival and are going to play the Phoenix Improv Fest in a couple months. We Harold.

Sanjay Rao
Eli Eidson
Ian Townsend
Matt Needles
Alejandro Garcia
Matthew Stoner
KC Harvey-Taylor
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