Hardest time you've ever laughed?

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Hardest time you've ever laughed?

Postby Jer » September 10th, 2014, 1:42 pm

Stealing this question from the You Made It Weird podcast. It can be anything and don't worry about it not making sense due to context. Also don't worry about it being mean because often those are the funniest things since we feel bad about laughing.

I think mine might be this thing that happened in high school. I was in gym class and, since this is Texas and the gym teachers are also football coaches who are planning for the football season, there was nothing to do. So I'm sitting there with my two friends in total, bored silence. Out of nowhere, one of them picks up a hair on the other's gym shorts and flicks it away. He says "Jacob has hair on pants."

To this day, I cannot tell you why this was so fucking funny but there you go.
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Re: Hardest time you've ever laughed?

Postby Thelma Rosana » January 20th, 2015, 1:49 pm

I'm so late on this.... but okay...

I was angry with a friend and tired of trying to talk over her on the phone, so i hung up and started on my computer to write her a very detailed e-mail. I stared at the keys while I typed madly and making sure every word was correct... but I never looked at the screen. This went on for about five minutes and when I looked up from my keyboard, wiped my tears of anger and prepared to send my what I thought to be a one million word letter... the e-mail was blank.

I wasn't mad anymore.
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