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improv lingo

Postby deroosisonfire » April 6th, 2006, 5:59 pm

in another post jeremy talked about the differences in improv lingo in areas. i figured we have enough improvisers here who trained different places that it'd be interesting to start talking about.

i learned from the older students in my improv group at school. i have no idea where they got names for things, but here are some differences in terminology i've noticed.

- we said negating instead of blocking
- we used the term surfboarding - screwing your scene partner over
- pan left, pan right = pan n scan
- word at a time expert = 3 headed monster/one word expert
- inner thoughts = ding thoughts
- we didn't "play," "rehearse," or have a "team" or "troupe." we performed, practiced and were a group.
- free form was our term for organic, non-narrative long form
- wiping was walking across to end a scene, editing was changing the scene from the bench (moving it through time, etc.)

that's all i've got off the top of my head.
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