Skype improv coaching?

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Skype improv coaching?

Postby Dan » June 20th, 2014, 4:56 pm

Hey guys,

As you might know, I do social skills coaching with clients over Skype. One of my clients really needs to work on being "in the moment" and feeling comfortable with spontaneity. Improv is great for building those skills, but he is not located near any improv theaters.

Do you guys think Skype improv coaching would work for him? I feel like he might not get the full value unless he's able to be in a group, but I've never had one on one training so I don't know what's possible. For those of you that have a lot of improv experience -- would you be interested in possibly coaching him via Skype? The goal is not training him in improv per se, but rather using improv as a way to build certain skills that will help him relationally. If you do think you're up for that, I would need a brief bio of your improv experience as well as an email address (I will basically just pass on everyone's bios and contacts to him and let him get in touch with anyone he wants.)

(If you did do coaching over Skype he would presumably pay you, but pricing is something you would need to work out with him. I'm basically just curious to know if one on one Skype coaching could be helpful for someone in his situation and if so, I'm happy to connect him with anyone qualified who is interested in giving the coaching a try.)
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Re: Skype improv coaching?

Postby happywaffle » June 20th, 2014, 8:40 pm

Ask Asaf Ronen, I think he was looking into Skype-coaching.
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