Whatever happened to Arthur's Bird show???

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Whatever happened to Arthur's Bird show???

Postby arthursimone » July 10th, 2011, 1:27 pm

A few months ago, I decided it was time to revisit some of my old theater training and, ultimately, connect the dots between the life work of Jerzy Grotowski and Del Close. I cast a team of willing and wonderful people for what was very much an experimental process with no clear end or form in sight. I greatly admire the company of actors and actresses that stuck with the process throughout; putting a show up for an audience is an important, rewarding part of what we do and why we do it, and to ultimately deny that culmination is an interesting experiment unto itself.

The theme of birds began to emerge as a result of re-imagining the human as an organism in an environment and appreciating/disdaining the presence of the Urban Animal in the natural landscape of Austin, Texas. Using birds as both experience and metaphor I fully intent on mounting a show I'm called BirdBrain, though my time and energy definitely demands focus on growing ColdTowne Theater into our new space. The show has, in effect, flown North for the summer, but it'll be back oh yes it will. :)

Another positive outcome of the experiment has been the development of a workshop I call 'the Environmental Improviser,' which was well received (i think) at the most recent Twin Cities festival. I'll probably pitch it to some other festivals around the country soon enough. The folks who stuck with me have my deep gratitude and appreciation and friendship, and I hope they're all able to take from it some of the same artistic & philosophical lessons that I have.

ColdTowne Theater 2.0 will continue to be demanding of my time and energy, and I'm working on projects that are more in line with our shared philosophy for a few months at least. Meanwhile, BirdBrain ripens like any good cheese, and I will happily discuss any type of bird any day of the week. :D
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