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10pm Maestro - February 21st

PostPosted: February 15th, 2015, 3:06 pm
by Marc Majcher
Hello everyone!
10pm Maestro - 2/21/2015

Maestro is the Hideout's Saturday 10pm! It features games and scenes and nail-biting eliminations!

Directors: Justin Davis and Sean Hill!
Music: Ammon Taylor!

Sign up via the Google Form below with your NAME, your EXPERIENCE LEVEL, and your FAVORITE WARMUP.

(You'll only be cast for tech if you volunteer to do tech. Also, if you tech, you're automatically cast in the next show!)

v v v v v SIGN UP HERE! v v v v v
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ SIGN UP HERE! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

_ .... .. ... .. ... _. ___ _ ._ ... .__. . _._. .. ._ ._.. __ . ... ... ._ __. .

If you sign up, please consider the following:
1. Call-time is a hard 9:20pm. Please do not be late. Warm-ups will be organized and led by a director or a pre-selected member of the cast.
2. If you are in (or are planning on seeing) the 8pm mainstage, please mention that. I will try to only cast one or two players involved with the 8pm mainstage, since it forces them to miss call-time.
3. Staying for notes is required. We are working hard for Maestro to get out by 11:45 and for notes to last no longer than 15 minutes. Feel free to drink your free beer and watch the show if eliminated!
4. Dropping out of Maestro after getting cast results in a

Re: 10pm Maestro - February 21st

PostPosted: February 18th, 2015, 2:07 pm
by Marc Majcher
Your Maestro cast for this week, 2/21/2015:

Directors - Justin Davis and Sean Hill
Music by Ammon Taylor
Ankit Sharma on tech

Ceej Allen
Chad Wellington
Christine Crocker
Chuy Zarate
Courtney Hopkin
Ericka Bundy
Lindsay Hejl
Megan Sherrod
Melissa Patterson
Norman Tran
Ryan Austin
Tim Coyle

Call time is 9:20 - come on down and ready to warm up!