While I mist the bus, I sprayed here some sequiturs. Even?

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While I mist the bus, I sprayed here some sequiturs. Even?

Postby BriHo » August 23rd, 2012, 12:31 am

I was just going to say its important never to make excuses, always be on time.

And, if you must be so, don't draw out the tedious things.

I was thinking about Arizona and the Daylight Savings Theory through me off. I promise this isn't a lapse, and I'm absolutely sure I'll post on time yesterday thus averting this lapse, and I'm absolutely sure... oh no... musn't mention atavism makes things redundant and I'm absolutely sure...

Finally, never ever split infinitives and then make yourself sound insane like describing expounding on that last paragraph as "working on the elliptical." How anybody gonna make the ellipsis/elliptical connection other than to intuit they're both uselss and shouldn't exist...

Hey, man, don't feel bad for posting this, non sequturs and atavism will always happen, at least again, hopefully. Otherwise: Merely quack quack.
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