In honor of my friend...

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In honor of my friend...

Postby Asaf » August 30th, 2012, 3:37 pm

My friend Michelle Dobrawsky passed away, taken by rectal cancer. She was a generous woman, talented comedienne, force to be reckoned with and determined lawyer/activist. So much can be summed up in the fact that she was trying to get Mr. Hanky instated as the official mascot for rectal cancer.

Michelle didn’t believe in Bucket Lists. Not the way we did. She preferred to look at the buckets that were already full. So in honor of her and as a fun exercise, I share my full buckets with you:

• Ate whale and reindeer in Norway
• Met a scared child in the emergency room and made him laugh
• Demonstrated toys at FAO Schwarz for a living
• Made Whoopi Goldberg laugh
• Toured the MoMA tripping on mushrooms
• Taught improv in 28 of these United States
• Produced a festival
• Played Tom Greene opposite the Wayans brothers
• Rode a ferry from the south of Spain to Morocco
• Got barmitzvahed at the Wailing Wall
• Published poetry
• Started a website
• Self-published a book
• Co-wrote a musical
• Invented new formats
• Created two art installations
• Appeared on television
• Appeared in a movie
• Appeared in an animated series
• Appeared on almost a hundred stages
• Gave hundreds of hugs
• Gave even more high fives (mostly to strangers)
• Marched on Washington
• Gotten married in a theater
• Gotten divorced
• Fallen in love
• Had someone fall in love with me

We might have done this before on these boards, but who knows how long ago that was and how many new faces and new experiences there have been since then.
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Postby mfly » August 31st, 2012, 7:05 am

Sorry for your loss. Grateful for your big heart.
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Postby happywaffle » August 31st, 2012, 11:06 am

Great tribute.
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Postby Rev. Jordan T. Maxwell » August 31st, 2012, 11:26 am

BIG HUG! a wonderful tribute, Asaf. we get so caught up in looking to our future plans, to the next big thing, we forget to take in the wonder of the present moment, the incredible adventures we've already had. thank you for the reminder, and the prompt for many questions and stories to come. ;)
Sweetness Prevails.

-the Reverend
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