Thoughts on my association-game website?

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Thoughts on my association-game website?

Postby necis » June 11th, 2012, 11:00 am

So first off, new here obviously, and thanks so much for the welcome everyone gave me in the intro section. :)

I mentioned that I had a web project in the works ... and I really, really want feedback from this community in particular. And I apologize for the length and weirdness of this post ... but I didn't want to just "spam my site lolzors" the address, and I really want your thoughts on the concept, execution, everything.

Anyway, core idea ... so you know those word-association games people play on forums sometimes (fire – ice – cream – corn – cob – ler)? Or image association games?

I like those ... a lot. They're fun and occassionally you'll get a really clever gem in there that makes it all worthwhile. I wanted to make an extension to the "association game" as it's own site, with the following changes:

1) allow more types of responses ... images, videos, and text
2) allow multiple branches to the responses ... so if the association trail wants to split off in different directions, more power to it
3) be able to view the entire association tree at once Google Maps-style

So the site is an attempt at capturing that ... probably the easiest way to demo what I have so far is to just show an example ...

here, someone started a chain with the word "Recruitment" ... that's it ... and left it. Later, other people (namely me) added the rest.

To painfully detail the process ... someone posted recruitment ... so I started by attaching a picture of the air-force logo, and then the video of the classic gay top-gun volleyball scene ... playing on the joke that top-gun was a huge recruiting bonus to the airforce. Then, what other recruitment stuff could be used for other fields? The Matrix coolness did that for computer science I guess (as well as Monica Belluci's assets), added that in there ... and added a joke about David Carradine's potential role as a promotor for certain uses of belts. :)

And that's all the site is supposed to be ... just free association with running jokes throughout

One with a different flavor to it is:

or, one with an image-based center is:

and the whole site, is just a listing of these individual trees, and tools to create new ones.

So that's it ... that's the site ... feel free to do whatever you want on it btw, I know it's not really intuitive how to add stuff, but hover over any element on a tree, and "add stuff" buttons will pop up ... just click those until something happens.

Other than that, I just really want your feedback on the site ... I mean I know it's really rough now, but it's pretty new ... but ... the core idea ... potential? scrappers? how can I improve it? anything really, I'm just delighted to be able to show this to a group of people I think will probably get what I was trying to do.

Thank you!!!

Victor :)
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