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Postby PaGeN » February 24th, 2012, 3:49 pm

1) As the worst driver in Austin, I accept all of this.

2) My pet peeve in driving is speed. I drive fast. So if you see me behind you on MoPac, please be sure you are doing 100 MPH or stay to the right.

3) If I drop out of warp speed, do not pass me to turn right in front of me! That is Mean. (see 2)

4) If i am leaving 3 seconds in front of the vehicle in front of me to deal with the pesky physics rules of the Universe, do not slide in and split my distance (going slower of course) so I suddenly need to slam on my breaks (see 2).

5) I am that bastard on the road and the teddy bear in RL.

BTW - here is a useful link for safe following distance, but don't drive like me (or my brother!) ... -rule.html

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Postby B. Tribe » February 27th, 2012, 1:29 pm

Aden wrote:The most noticeable thing for me when I first arrived in Austin was the following distance of most cars. Where I grew up the distance that most folks use in driving here would have been considered tail-gating. Also note that we did not have parties by the same label.

This is the only thing that bothers me about driving in Austin. I haven't noticed any chronic issues that are city wide. Everything else you guys have mentioned strike me as occasional and nothing to get annoyed about.

I do like how the law states that trucks can't go in the passing lane. I've never seen one break it.
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