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PostPosted: November 15th, 2011, 3:56 pm
by zyrain
Katherine wrote:We posit that this has the do with what we are intrinsically versus what we are very good at being in a world where some people and systems are ridiculous.?

That's a very 'P' statement right there. You admitted it's your intrinsic P, and the 'ridiculous' J world that forced schedules, time management, etc.

Katherine wrote:On another note, it's pretty surprising to me that every person has so far reported an N. Do you think that is because Ns are drawn to activities like improv, or because non-Ns aren't as interested in self-reporting on an internet forum. Are there any S folks out there?

N's enjoy abstract ideas and S's enjoy the concrete. While improv itself has both abstract qualities (storytelling, the 'process', etc.) it also has concrete qualities (performance, stage presence, etc.), so yeah, there are S's in the community, it's just that S's tend not to care to take such silly tests.