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Fantasy Maestro Setlists

Postby Spaztique » September 20th, 2007, 1:20 am

What do you think would make a cool Maestro game lineup?

I composed these two recently in hopes that I'd ever get a chance to direct or co-direct. I've also included some great, but rare, games I've seen before in previous shortform competitions.

High Energy Maestro

This setlist is for a fast-paced high-energy show.

Audience Warm-up: Texas Rainstorm/"My body lies over the ocean"
Player Warm-up: Category Die/"Where's the baby?"*

*Where's the Baby: (Invented by Bill Stern?) Similar to Category Die, except players must shout out specific locations within a larger location, such as buildings or geographic locations. If players give out a smaller location that can't be found in the larger location (K-Mart: "In the electronic section!" "In the hardware section!" "The checkout aisles!" "In the planetarium!" *DIE!!!*), give out too generic of a location ("Under the floor!" *DIE!!!*/"In the ceiling!" *DIE!!!*), or anything that applies to regular Category Die rules ("Uh... Uhh.." *DIE!!!"/"Next to the office supplies!" "Next to the other office supplies!" *DIE!!!"), the players are eliminated.

Round 1 - 10-14 players.
-Tag Team Monologue (5)
-Pan Left, Pan Right (4)
-Understudies* (4 or 6, with possible audience participation)

*Understudies: The first 2-3 players perform a straight, well-performed scene from the likes of Shakespeare or Tennessee Williams, and the other 2-3 players redo the scene, only they were the not-so-good understudies. Hilarity ensues.

Round 2 - *Lightning Round* 10-14 players.
-Death in a minute (2-3)
-Squishy Faced Scene (2)
-Moving Bodies (2, with 1-2 audience members)
-Scene from nothing (2-3)
-Isn't that just like life? (3)

Elimination Tie-breaker: Beastie Rap, 63 BPM (Run DMC speed), then 92 BPM (Beastie Boys speed), and finally 120 BPM (Outkast speed)

Round 3 - 8-10 players.
-Mega Replay (3)
-Good, Bad, and Worst Advice (4, or 3 with an audience member)
-Oscar Winning Moments (2-3)

Round 4 - 6-8 players.
-Half Life (2-3)
-Movie in a minute* (1-2)
-Hesitation Debate (2)
-Slow Lie (1)

*Movie in a minute: The players are given an actual movie to recreate in 60 seconds, regardless of whether they've seen it or not, in its entirety.

Round 5 - 3-5 players
-Play Multiple Characters (1)
-Sermon (1)
-Shakespearean Scene (1)
-Epic Monologue/Slow Clap (1)

Final Round Tie-Breaker: Hat Game.

Other possible games
-Hell Dub (3)
-Speak in one voice (4-6)
-Booth hell* (1-3)
-Cinematic Scene/Trailer** (1-3)
-Novelist/Typewriter (2-5)
-Silent Scene (1-3)

*Booth Hell: The tech guy may mess with the scene how he sees fit, playing music or sound effects, adjusting the lighting, or other things, and the player(s) must justify his actions.

**Cinematic Scene/Trailer: A tamer version of Booth Hell, the players must create a well-produced scene while the tech guy cooperates with them as he sees fits, providing music, sound effects, or lighting to match the scene. The subset of this is the Trailer game, where players create a movie trailer based off the music playing in the background.

And on that note...


This lineup is for the best production value. This will need a really skilled tech person.

Audience Warm-up: Texas Rainstorm
Player Warm-up: Slow Motion Ninja

Round 1 - 10-14 players.
-Understudies* (4 or 6, with possible audience participation)
-Mega Replay (3-4)
-Pan Left, Pan Right (4)

Round 2 - *Horror Round* 10-14 players.
-Death in a minute (2-3)
-Scary Phone (3)
-Yes, Sounds good to me, I'll go along with that (1-2, with an audience member)
-Novelist (3-4)
-Entrances and Exits (2-3)

Elimination Tie-breaker: Laugh elimination scene

Round 3 - *Epic Round* 8-10 players.
-Shakespearean Scene (2-3)
-Oscar Winning Moments (2-3)
-Scene from nothing (2)
-Heighten Replay* (2-3)
-What comes next? (1)

*Heighten Replay: Players perform a relatively straight (if not mundane) one-minute scene. When the scene ends, they must then replay it with every action, reaction, and variable cranked to the max. If you can get away with it, see if you can't replay the same scene a third time with everything pushed even further.

Round 4 - 6-8 players.
-Booth Hell (1-3)
-Musical Eye Contact (2)
-DVD (2-4)
-Movie Review* (1)

*Movie Review: One player plays all of the characters for a movie review show and the movie they are reviewing itself, playing different clips and scenes from the movies.

Round 5 - 3-5 players
-Movie Trailer (1-2)
-Slow Lie (1)
-Movie in a minute (1)
-Play Multiple Characters (1)

Final Round Tie-Breaker: "The hardest game ever"*

*"The Hardest Game Ever": Two players are performing a scene (and usually an activity, too), but they cannot talk about the activity or use any personal pronouns.

Other possible games
-Half Life (2-3)
-"Isn't that just like life?" (3-4)
-Aftermath* (variable)
-Scene in reverse (2-3)
-Genre Zones (2-3)
-Kiss in a minute** (2-3)
-Alphabet Game (2-3)
-Epic Monologue/Slow Clap (1)

*Aftermath: If the same players are called for a game in a different round, they can have the option to continue the scene they started in the previous round, but without any restrictions or rules.

**Kiss in a Minute: Possible a coin-flip/dice-roll alternative to Death in a Minute, Kiss in a Minute may prove more of a challenge. As the title implies, death has been replaced by kissing, but the real trick to this game is that it has to be audience has to be convinced, or points can be deducted. (Bonus point if there's any tongue involved?)
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