Heads Up for Sunday Rehearsals!

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Heads Up for Sunday Rehearsals!

Postby Mo Daviau » February 15th, 2006, 6:07 pm

Attention all you who rehearse in a supersecretspecial place that Really Likes Math.

Parking will be restricted beginning at 7pm on Saturday, February 18th
through 7am on Sunday, February 19th along San Jacinto Blvd due to the
Freescale Marathon. San Jacinto Blvd will be closed to thru traffic from 7am
until 11am on Sunday, February 19th when the runners will be entering
campus. Any vehicles remaining on the street during these times will be
relocated, at the vehicle operator's expense, to Lot 88, north of the
DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium.

I'm looking at you, Parallelogramophonograph.
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Postby phlounderphil » February 16th, 2006, 5:17 pm

Thanks! I saw the sign for this the other day, and luckily, we don't rehearse on Sundays THAT'S THE DAY OF THE LORD MO! ugh. Nobody should be doing ANYTHING comedy related on the DAY OF OUR LORD!
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Postby Roy Janik » February 16th, 2006, 5:22 pm

phlounderphil wrote:Nobody should be doing ANYTHING comedy related on the DAY OF OUR LORD!

*Your* lord, maybe. My lord is John Frum. He only has the one day, and that was yesterday.
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Postby Wesley » February 16th, 2006, 6:26 pm

John Frum rules!!!!!!!
I only read about this belief system once, many moons ago in one of my "werid Science and Supernatural" type books. About a third of a page. I can't wait to check out this article!
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