Merging Stand up and Improv Together

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Merging Stand up and Improv Together

Postby starkserious » January 30th, 2006, 1:32 am

Being a recovering stand up comic...I've done stand up for about 10 years now...but now I really love doing Improv...but sometimes I miss stand up when I need to know the predicatability of being funny for an audience. Most of my stand up friends hate improv and think it's stupid. Not all as some successful comics came from Improv. Mike Lukas, Patton Oswalt, Robin williams(he's too fucking needy as a comic), and bunch of others I can't name now. I have been around hundreds of stand up comics just drinking beers and the BS sessions are some of the funniest conversations I've ever had. What gets me is that all the comics are just "riffing" or "improvising" and being funny as hell. Listen to Jim Breur show on Sirius radio or go These guys are just improvising most of their funny bits. I want to expore how we could merge stand up comedy into improv or vice versa. I don't what it looks like. I had an idea sort of like the Armando...where a stand up comic goes out and does 5 minutes and then the improvisers do a three scenes off the material and then the comic goes back out and does some more material...then we go back out and do another round of scenes..etc...How can we bring these two arts together for a show?

if you've never done stand up i recommend you go try out a few can be scary to be up on stage by yourself, but it's total rush when you land a good joke and the audience laughs. I can't describe it,, but it's like a good drug. Go try an Open mike at the Velveeta or Cap City... or let's start a stand up night at the Hideout. I'll host it the first time.

P.S."If you don't have a sense of humor, It's just not Funny."
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