REVIEW: Friday the Sixth of January, 2006

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REVIEW: Friday the Sixth of January, 2006

Postby Evilpandabear » January 10th, 2006, 6:20 pm

There was a decision to start doing reviews of our shows, this will be my first of many to come.

Improv Renaissance at the Hideout

Chicago, San Francisco and New York are known throughout the Improv world as the BIG 3 – the cities with the most improv going down most of the time. However, Austin is making strides to break that mold and put Austin on the map as the Improv Capital of the South, and the Hideout Theatre is the epicenter of this recent wake.

All three shows were spectacular. Each filled me with inspiration and the desire to deposit more money into the Box Office to stick around for yet another show.

814 – Wooden Nickel, suggestion: peguin
WN went through their usual format. Start of with a Game, followed by scenes inspired by. The result was a wacky, spastic adventure through the artic. The highlight of the show was the pre-foreplay of a threesome involving Batman and two other villains.

842 - Knuckleball Now, suggestion: purple sweat shirt with an eagle on it
KN did a shakespeare long form format that was hilarious and funnier than some of than even the Bard's humour. It was fascinating as the Improvisers appeared more to be actors than improvisers. Joplin's soliloquies stood out in this performance as his Shakepearean training.

909 - Available Cup Holders, suggestion: propaganda
an odd show, but solid in performance. Jeremy's highly timid noobie improviser character highlighted the first half, only to be trumped by himself yet again when disrobing on stage with a water bottle, popcorn (can't believe John ate that), a cell phone & a hat falling out of his undies. Manscaping is comedy.

**The Threefer ended promptly at 9:33pm**

Style Show Review Coming Soon
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