Bill Binder - Teaching and Coaching (3 of 6)

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Bill Binder - Teaching and Coaching (3 of 6)

Postby tacotrombone » March 18th, 2013, 12:19 pm

Original question for reference:
"I have recently had the opportunity to TA for ColdTowne, so I would like to know:
What is the difference in teaching and coaching to you?"

Bill's reply
"Teaching vs. coaching

They're different for sure. Students are there to learn. They should be challenged to understand the skills, relate them to their improv and be able to self evaluate themselves. Of course, you'll likely be a bit more nurturing in the early levels, but overall you're there to teach them the skills that Coldtowne holds high. As they reach higher levels, it's natural to slightly change the teaching to fir a specific group with specific challenges, but you're still teaching to the teaching standard of that level, so when they graduate they have the same vocabulary and skillset as all other alumni.

In coaching, you are there to listen to their needs. You aren't there to tell them how Coldtowne works, you're there to help them find the voice of their group and refine it. One of the first things I do when coaching a team is ask why they are playing together. What they hope to accomplish together that is unique. They often don't have those answers, or they each have their own answer. Your first job as a coach is to facilitate that conversation, to see that they truly undertand what they want. Then you have the skills to help them grow in the same direction.

Think about Coldtowne (the group itself) Now think about Maestro over at The Hideout. Those shows both have very different feels, but their performers both have an understanding of who they are and what they are. Your job as a coach is to help a team find its identity and find the tools to make them better."
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Re: Bill Binder - Teaching and Coaching (3 of 6)

Postby PyroDan » March 19th, 2013, 7:02 am

Bill explained this very well.

When I have coached, especially a new group, I ask them to spend some time together setting goals for the troupe and verbalizing how they prioritize the troupe. Meaning what do you want this group to accomplish and what is your commitment.

Depending on the community you are in, some players see the current troupe as being their end all be all, while other may just see it as a stepping stone, or a hobby, a way to unwind. If this isn't communicated early on it can cause some members to become bitter about "effort" but if it is all out on the table early it can easily be overcome to fit the entire group.
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