Saturday 12.3 Workshop Followup

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Saturday 12.3 Workshop Followup

Postby macarthur31 » December 6th, 2005, 3:33 pm

Thanks to all those who participated in my workshop last Saturday at the Hideout. I wanted to follow up with you all on the Austin Improv Forum, as this is where I first threw out the idea to have a workshop, and within 48 hours I had a venue and class participants. So, thanks be to Andy C. (for making the space accessible and affordable), and to all of you who helped made it happen.

In my teaching/directing of improv, I'm really fascinated with finding the truth/authenticity within the character and the relationships. In turn, I believe that having pure commitment to both will ensure that you're always in a "good" place on stage. It's very much a process-driven intention, rather than a "product" -- and I've crafted several new exercises as well as dusted off some favorites, and sequenced them in a workshop that Saturday.

This is what I learned from my student's feedback:
I received comments on the feedback asking for "more time." I could interpret that as, "this was so much fun/useful, I wish we could do this more," or "I wished that the activities were better managed, and Mac talked less so that I could have more time." For the sake of improvement, I'm going to focus on the latter in for improving the next workshop. I know that I didn't get to my final exercise (Where we more a premise-based scene into a richer relationship scene), and I was not pleased about that occurrence.
I also learned that you appreciated my sidecoaching, and my clear setups for exercises. I also saw that there was some room for improvement in connecting the exercises into direct application. I will strive to make the connections clearer by being more explicit in their connections in future workshops.

Thanks again, Austin Improv Community for allowing me to share my insights and work with you all. I intend to return to Austin for Frontera Fest on the weekend of Jan 13th. Perhaps I could conduct another workshop on Saturday, January 14th.


For Your Information, here is the aggregated student feedback.

[b]1. Please complete this sentence: “From this workshop, I learned/discovered that I…â€
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Postby HerrHerr » December 7th, 2005, 5:09 pm

Again, thanks to Mac for an eye-opening workshop. I am ready to put some emotion into my scenes. And, I feel comfortable using my smarts more...let's just see if I can make it work in shows!

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