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Worst moments..

Postby craigy » January 9th, 2006, 11:16 pm

(Mikey, Jeremy & Lampe, will vouch for some of this)

Two words - COMIC STRIPPERS... the "it looks good on paper" idea applies here.. This was a 5 or so show project (co-created by the funniest man I know Eric "VON" Perry) which combined free Alcohol, real female strippers and a few improvisers....

I must say performing a "BORIS" scene with a good cop, bad cop, hot cop.. was quite titilating... but doing it in an old lumber yard, with non working lepel mics, performing for drunk, horny men... was like no other show.. Though one show was pretty good, it kinda went down from there... faster than those gals tops....AND it was taped and show public access several times.

Worst Hideout moment.. though there have been several micetro moments where I hid behind the curtain... One sticks out the most....

It was micetro a few years back.. it was the end of the night.. and I knew I would have the last scene... a solo one... You know when your sitting on the bench knowing you will be doing a solo scene... to end the show.. knowing you'll be leaving that last taste. Unfortunately that taste was shit... The director brought up an audience volunteer (Jimmy The Neck's Brother). We were asked to play "Yes, sounds good to me, I'll go along with that?"... My memory has successfully blocked out the details... but I remember looking at him on stage half way through and saying "I'm sorry you had to be part of this".. it was like asking Stephen Hawking to stop, drop, and roll.

I also recall a pretty dreadful One Night Band. It was low energy... and rock star (and hung like one) Burt "Ben Reddell" McCalister said..."Don't worry, I got an idea"... so he picked a fight with guitarist Chris Alonzo.. and Burt ended up smashing his accoustic guitar (that had a naked she devil on it)... then he stormed out of the room and returned with a fake gun... The band, and the audience were in unison... "WHAT THE FUCK?"

Sounds fun.. but very surreal..

Sorry such a long post.

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Postby Evilpandabear » January 10th, 2006, 2:29 am

no matter what happens craig, i'll always remember how you got a banana (in gorilla) from doing an ode to an actual burrito. goddamn that was a good time.
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