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Facebook business

Postby the_orf » November 4th, 2011, 12:49 pm

After resisting it for as long as possible (for various reasons), I suddenly find myself needing a Facebook page. Specifically, I need it for my business, Orf Brewing. I'm relatively tech-savvy, but I don't have the time to fiddle and tinker with all the B.S. on Facebook to learn how to set up everything I need set up. I am therefore sending out my plea to somebody who IS Facebook-knowledgeable to give me a tutorial and help me set up my Facebook business page.

I'll need things like RSS feeds, linking to Twitter, to a blog, to a company website, that kind of stuff. What's the appropriate place/method to post updates? What's the protocol on friending or liking other people or businesses? How do I insulate my personal page from my business page? And cetera.

Obviously, it can't be that difficult, or there wouldn't be 7 billion people using the site. I merely seek some help getting up to speed, speedily.

Here's the kicker: I can repay you for your kindness with beer, both during and after the tutorial session.

Catch me back on the direct line at OrfBrewing (at) Gmail, or PM me. Whatever works.
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