Google Redirect Virus

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Google Redirect Virus

Postby mpbrockman » April 13th, 2011, 5:37 am

Anybody else run into this yet? Or is it old news by now?

Anyway heads up all, I just had to spend the better part of a night undoing the damage.

What happens is every time you use Google to search for something it takes you to some other sites like whatisnewsdotcom or searchprodot com etc. The problem of the virus doing that is annoying enough, but it's also a backdoor virus. It shuts down your firewall and the sites it redirects you to are loaded with malware. I found a free online tool (Kaspersky TDSSkiller) that wiped the virus (hidden as ws2_32.dll), but then I had to track down 28 seperate trojans, worms and other assorted nasties manually at the root in regedit. No fun. I think I'm clean now, but it concerns me that I never open e-mails from peole I don't know and take all the usual precautions. How did I get it? Anyway, if anyone runs into the same problem let me know, I should be able to help you kill it and undo any damage it may have done.
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