Auditions for Happily Ever After: Improvised Disney Musicals

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Auditions for Happily Ever After: Improvised Disney Musicals

Postby Ryan Austin » April 17th, 2015, 9:57 am


Directed by Ryan Austin & Roy Danger with Musical Direction by Ammon Taylor


Happily Ever After is an improvised musical fairy tale inspired by Disney classics like Beauty and the Beast as well as newer favorites like Tangled. Magic, princesses, heroes, villains and mood-enhancing musical animals all come to life with gripping stories and delightful songs. It’s a show that truly appeals to all ages as kids will enjoy brand new fairy tales crafted right before their eyes and adults will love seeing the spirit of their childhood favorites brought back to life.

The two main focuses of this show are strong stories and great improvised songs. We’re looking for performers with a deep love of Disney who showcase strong narrative skills and an ability to fearlessly commit to improvised signing. Performers are expected to attend weekly rehearsals and shows, as well as several cast screenings (or to view films on their own if unavailable). There will be some light homework (films to view, clips to watch before rehearsals)

The key films inspiring the direction of this show are:

-Beauty and the Beast
-The Little Mermaid

If you’d like to do extra preparation for the audition, please re-watch any of the above mentioned films.

We want to create genuine stories through very committed characters (silly and serious) without being too winky or meta. We want to build magical worlds through scene painting and various other techniques, getting as close as we can to the spirit of Disney while still being a unique and fun show.

It will be an all ages show (no cursing or sexual content) that does not talk down to the children in the audience, but aims to present positive, Disney-inspired stories that all ages will enjoy. That is not to say that it’s primarily a kids show ala FTM, but simply an ALL AGES show.

If you have any questions, please message both myself and Roy.
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