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Found Footage 3D Casting Call

Postby FoundFootage3D » February 18th, 2014, 8:11 pm


Feature Film


Pay Rate: Sag Modified Low Budget Scale + 10%

Please submit headshots/resumes and reels to:, and indicate which role you would like to audition for.

Producers: Kim Henkel, Charles Mulford, Steven DeGennaro
Writer/Director: Steven DeGennaro Casting Director: Grace Lorenzo Interview Dates: TBD
Shooting: May 15th - June 20th 2014 Location: Austin, TX and surrounding



Lots of improv. Applicants should be quick on their toes. This film is a found footage horror film, and naturalism is extremely important. There will be a lot of improv. Found Footage 3D is a SAG Modified Low-Budget horror movie shot in the ''found footage'' style of The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity. A group of indie filmmakers shooting ''the first 3D found footage horror movie'' in the woods of Central Texas find themselves in the first 3D found footage horror movie when the evil entity created for their film starts showing up in their behind-the-scenes footage. We are scheduled to shoot for 15 days (3 five-day weeks) plus 3 rehearsal days, near Austin, TX starting approximately May 15th.


[DEREK] (30-40) Derek, the producer and lead actor in the film, is handsome and
charismatic.He's the kind of guy you like immediately, and then as you spend more time with
him, you begin to realize there's a rotten heart beneath his polished exterior. On the one
hand, he's got the people skills necessary to talk cast and crew into helping him achieving
his vision of a (bad) found footage movie with almost no budget. On the other hand, he often
treats those he considers beneath him with impatience and annoyance, if not outright
contempt. And he considers pretty much everyone beneath him.

[AMY] (28-35) (possible nudity*) Amy is an actress with leading lady looks and no small amount of talent. Highly image conscious, she is constantly shifting in and out of ''Actress Mode'': the carefully-managed facade that she shows the world. The minute she realizes the camera is on, she puts on her mask. But when she thinks the cameras aren't rolling, or forgets that they are there, we see the real person beneath the mask: quiet, introverted, and not entirely comfortable in the spotlight. After years of extreme turmoil, she and her filmmaker husband (Derek) separated 6 months ago. Their relationship is deeply dysfunctional. He's charming, smart, and driven, but at the same time overbearing and narcissistic. Sometimes she hates him. Sometimes she loves him. Often both at the same time.

*non-gratuitous, semi-obscured rear nudity from a distance. No frontal required.

[MARK] (20-35) Mark is Derek's younger brother and the behind-the-scenes cameraman on the shoot. It's literally his eyes through which we see most of this story. In the way that older brothers often do, Derek has cut down Mark at every turn in order to feel better about himself. And Mark has absorbed the message to his core. It's left him fatally shy and unsure of himself. Quiet, reserved, shy--he's a turtle in his shell, presenting as small a target to the world as he can. Mark's been in love with Amy for as long as he's known her. Derek's woeful treatment of her has only increased Mark's need to save her. He's just waiting for the right time (he tells himself), to swoop in and play the hero.

[ANDREW] (22-30) Andrew is the director of the film. With his black frame glasses, he could be a hipster or a true geek. It's hard to tell. Probably a little of both. He's a recent graduate of an MFA film program looking to make his mark in the movie business and launch his career. Though he's made several award-winning short films, this is his first feature. He genuinely wants to make a good film in a genre he loves, but he's constantly sparring with Derek over dumb decisions made for financial rather than artistic reasons.

[CARL] (35-50) Carl is a veteran sound man with a long list of impressive credits on big Hollywood features. Bearded and gravelly-voiced, you'd expect him to be a mean motherfucker, but you'd be wrong. He speaks his mind when necessary, but otherwise tries to roll with things as much as possible. Usually jolly, he becomes not at all happy when he realizes that they will be shooting their movie in a location that is said to be actually haunted.

[LILY] (18-25) Lily is vivacious and alive, genuinely thrilled to be on her first ''real film set, with lights and everything''. Wide-eyed and open-faced, she is bubbly and a tad naive, but no bimbo. She's a free-spirited 19-year-old who hasn't been hurt by the world yet. She's officially the ''production assistant'' on the movie, having been granted the job by Derek when he met her at a party the night before the shoot. She hasn't slept with him yet, but she's got no problem flirting, oblivious to the way that Derek is using her to make his (soon to be ex-) wife jealous.

[OLD-TIMER] (60-85) A Texas good-old boy through and through. Thick Texas accent. He's lived his entire life in the tiny town of Gonzales Texas, and spent a good portion of that time sitting on the front porch of his general store/gas station. Never seen the world. Never wanted to.

[YOUNG-TIMER] (30-45) Son of the Old-timer. Similar life experience.
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