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Paid Commercial Casting

Postby smerlin » February 13th, 2014, 5:20 pm

Hello Improvisers!

I'm looking to cast the following roles for a pair of commercials for Delta Dental of Idaho. Please do me the favor of sharing this opportunity with you fellow improvisers!

Auditions : 2/17/2014
Callbacks : 2/24/2014
Shoot : 2/28 & 3/1/2014 (most roles shoot only one day)

Rate : $950 per spot (only Walter is in two spots)
Use : 1 Year Idaho Regional Broadcast Buy


Walter - Two Spots - Male, Caucasian, 35-50 years old
This is our most important character - the driving force behind all the Grinstitute's operations, and the cornerstone of the two spots. Walter's job is to embody everything that's great and valuable about Delta Dental. Both the imaginative, visionary nature of the Grinstitute, and also the sense of credibility, trustworthiness and security that Delta Dental offers its customers. As a character, Walter is a motivated, seasoned, no-nonsense leader. Always on the move, walking whilst talking, thinking about 12 things at once. He can be a bit intense: he expects results and doesn't mince words. But he's never mean-spirited - after all, he runs a place called the Grinstitute. And while we never actually see him grinning, we can imagine that, every now and then, he cracks a small smile, somewhere deep down inside. (Main character) References: John Goodman, JD Simmons, Nick Offerman

Grinstituter #1 (Jackson) - One Spot - Female, Open Ethnicity, 35-40
As our "family bonding" specialist, Jackson should feel like a young mom herself; she seems like she could be a slightly older friend or neighbor to our Mom. References: Maya Rudolph, Julie Bowen, Megan Mullally

Maggie (Mom) - One Spot - Female, Open Ethnicity, 30-40
The mom in a nice, nuclear family of four. She makes sure her kids get the best and do their best. Young, with a vibrant energy.

Grinstituter #1 (Peters) - One Spot - Male, Open Ethnicity, 25-35
Well-spoken, trustworthy, empathetic. The kind of person you know will take care of you and do an excellent job. References: Donald Glover, Josh Radnor, Adam Scott

Grinstituter #2 (Martinez) - One Spot - Female, Hispanic/Ethnically Ambiguous, 27-35
Brisk, efficient, detail-oriented. But friendly. Working hard to shave every second off those telephone wait times. References: Rashida Jones, Aubrey Plaza, Rosario Dawson

Grinstituter#3 (Thomas) - One Spot - Male, Caucasian, 30-40
A little more comical in physical traits. Someone who makes your eyeballs happy when they see them. As the "Genius: Behind the GrinBot", we have to imagine he's not quite on the same wavelength as everyone else. He is never goofy or muggy. He is totally sincere about his grotesque GrinBot creation. References: Patton Oswalt, Rainn Wilson, Will Ferrell

If you want to submit yourself for one of these roles, please send the following information to using the subject "Delta Dental - ROLE" replacing role with the role (or roles) you feel you fit best eg: Delta Dental - Grinstituter #1 (Jackson)

- Two photos - one headshot and one 3/4 or full body.
- Resume (if you have one) or a brief description of your experience.
- Best contact Phone Number.
- Confirm availability for the audition and shoot dates.

Shana Merlin
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Why not get good at it?
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