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Ya Hey 'Der

Postby Tim Coyle » May 30th, 2014, 7:10 pm

Hi Guys, I am Tim. Originally from Chicago been in Austin for 14 years now. No acting experience, and no theater experience, until I started Level 1 at the Hideout about 18 weeks ago. I have truly enjoyed the experience to date, and love the fact that everyone involved in the AIC have been supportive, and welcoming to a complete noob. I am open to any suggestions, insight, guidance, free drinks, whatever you throw my way. I look forward to continuing my classes, getting on the stage more, and picking the minds of the vets I have grown to appreciate more each day.

To date I have done the Rubber Room once (plan to do it more often) and Maestro RAW twice. Performing in those shows only made me want to perform more, I can see how it can be addictive.
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Tim Coyle
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Re: Ya Hey 'Der

Postby happywaffle » May 31st, 2014, 11:44 am

*waves* Welcome!!
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