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PostPosted: March 19th, 2014, 12:31 pm
by eilanora
Allo! A fair bit of you know me already, but I figured I'd introduce myself officially.

I'm Lindsey McGowen and have recently moved from Detroit to Austin. I have a degree in Theater Tech (focus in stage management and lighting design) although am somewhat out of practice. I have stage managed for the Detroit Improv Festival and at Go Comedy Theater in Ferndale, MI. I'll be running sound for Hurly Burly at The Institution Theater in May/June and running tech for everybody but Black Vault and Strange Worlds at the Alaska State Improv Festival in April. :)

When I am not doing theater stuff, I am a live looper and sing contemporary a cappella, and I socially blues/swing dance as well. My day job is in IT, and I work remote, so I am always up for meeting up for lunch/coffee!

Excited to meet more of you and work with this wonderful community!

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PostPosted: March 20th, 2014, 8:31 am
by Chelley
So happy you're here, Lindsey. Nice to have another tech amongst us.

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PostPosted: March 20th, 2014, 12:14 pm
by happywaffle

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PostPosted: March 21st, 2014, 2:58 pm
by RachelPAustin