Tonight in Austin Improv: Sunday, August 26

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Tonight in Austin Improv: Sunday, August 26

Postby happywaffle » August 26th, 2018, 9:27 am

8:30 - Stool Pigeon - $Free
11:00 - Hideout Kids presents Mission Kid-Possible - $5
8:00 - The Weekender, feat. Level 2, Level 5, and B Natural student showcases - $5
FACT OF THE DAY: On April 10, 1815, Mount Tambora in present-day Indonesia produced the largest volcanic eruption in recorded history, producing about 175 cubic kilometers of debris—enough to cover Texas in a blanket almost a foot deep. The explosion was heard in Sumatra, 1600 miles away, where it was mistaken for sustained cannon fire.
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