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History Under the Influence at Second Sunday Comedy Showcase

PostPosted: August 6th, 2015, 2:17 pm
by Merlin Works
Sunday, August 9th at 8pm
Whisenhunt Stage at ZACH, 1510 Toomey Road, Austin, TX 78704

6:30pm Free pre-show Improv Jam:
Join the cast of our Second Sunday Improv Show in fun warm up improv games. An instructor leads group and paired activities to give you a taste of the improv spirit and to get the players ready for the show. All skill and experience levels welcome. After 45 minutes of games, head to the lobby for refreshments, get your tickets, and stick around to watch the show.

8pm Show featuring:
    Merlin Works Improv students!
    Special guest History Under the Influence!
    Merlin Works Instructor troupe The Known Wizards
    On ZACH’s 130-seat Whisenhunt Stage
    Free parking on site at ZACH