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Postby The Institution Theater » February 26th, 2015, 7:33 pm


FRIDAY & SATURDAY This Weekend at 8pm at The Institution Theater!

We all know the stories: Cinderella and her glass slipper, Jack and his magic beans, Sleeping Beauty and her curse. But what if there were a different, grittier side to those beloved tales of enchantment and adventure? Grimm Noir takes you into the dark alleys and seedy spots often edited out of the tales you were told as a child.

Combining the original tales of the Brothers Grimm with the style of Film Noir this production tells an alternate side to the stories you heard as a child. Gangsters mingle with trolls. The Witch down the lane is selling magical charms to make ends meet. All the usual characters have a twist skillfully improvised by our talented cast. Leading the way is a hardened, grizzled Private Eye who has pretty much seen it all in the land of 'enchantment', a dark, gritty place known as "The Kingdom". Each performance will present two twisted tales with no guarantee of a "Happily Ever After". Sometimes, all you can hope for is an "Ever After."

Created and Directed by Mike Kinald. Co-Director David Lampe and Starring: David Lampe, Topping Haggerty, Heidi Penix, Paul Normandin, Heidi Rogers, Ryan Hill, Tyler Lane, Luke Wallens,Leng Wong, Jo Chauvin, Sarah Hutchins, Estevan Chuy Zarate, Kevin Miller, Brad Hawkins, Claudio Fox, Emily Breedlove, Peter Rogers, Alex Ayala, Mike Kinald and Chad Wellington. Tech by Cindy Page and Lindsey McGowan.

**Use the Secret Promo Code: OnceUponATime when you purchase your tickets online and get $2 Off each ticket!**

****Purchase Tickets in Advance at: ... grimm-noir ****
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