Tarantula - Organic Improv Inspired by MAYFLY **FREE SHOW**

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Tarantula - Organic Improv Inspired by MAYFLY **FREE SHOW**

Postby The Institution Theater » January 21st, 2015, 11:49 pm


**** This is a FREE show! ****

Tarantula is Improv like you’ve never seen before. It’s an experience. It’s an organic, odd, fibrant web of collective consciousness that breathes life into the darkest corners of our minds. Once you’re inside you can’t escape it.

Tarantula is a combination of improv and live music melding together in the most unique ways. The improvisers will use the stage and their own bodies like a canvas, a tapestry of emotions and perceptions. Unlike most improvised shows that tell a story in a narrative fashion, Tarantula will tell a story that is fragmentary and organic. You will relate to the weird and twisty rhythms of the show because you are HUMAN and it connects with you soul. Improvisers will move as one, create without structure and follows the beats and tempo that the musicians lay down for them in the moment.

Have you heard of MAYFLY? The organic Improv show starring Todd Stashwick which has been featured at Out of Bounds Comedy Festival a few times? Well if you have, Tarantula is heavily inspired by MAYFLY! So if you like MAYFLY, or you've heard about how awesome it is, then come see this show!

Cast includes: Tom Booker, Sarah Marie Curry, Asaf Ronen, Arthur Simone, Kareem Badr, Ashley Nugent, Sam Schak, Halyn Erickson, featuring music by Lindsey McGowen.

FREE • Jan 24, 2015 @10:00pm • The Institution Theater, 3708 Woodbury Drive
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