T*O*N*I*G*H*T!!! Get Up plays at SVT

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T*O*N*I*G*H*T!!! Get Up plays at SVT

Postby sara farr » June 21st, 2013, 2:36 pm

Dear AIC,

Come see Get Up tonight at SVT!! Show is $5 and you get to see two awesome, fast paced troupes -- RhinoDino and Get Up!!

If you've never seen Get Up, this would be a great weekend to see them. I'll be scoring the show with a selection of around 2,800 music clips!! And YOU get to pick the clip that inspires the show. Shannon Shana and I have been creating amazing shows filled with a ton of characters, tho it's just the two of them on stage. This is our 8th year of improvising together and we are super pumped to do the show tonight. I remember the first time I saw these guys perform -- it was at Frontera Fest 2005 and their first show performing as the duo "Get Up". At the end of the show I caught myself looking for the OTHER actors until I remembered it was JUST THEM. Years later at another festival, I saw them do an amazing show that was played out in someones kitchen taking place over the entire lives of these two characters. The entire audience was teary eyed at the end. These guys do a great job of creating both epic AND tender shows. Hope you get to see the one they do tonight as you will NEVER SEE IT AGAIN!


With love,
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