**Enrolling** Advanced Spiritual Straight / Absurd

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**Enrolling** Advanced Spiritual Straight / Absurd

Postby Spots » April 10th, 2016, 5:39 am

What are the building blocks of belief?

How can new markets be created to confront the problem in society known as Satanic Inversion. Or what the Freemasons refer to as "The Finished Work?"

Jesse Spots, a videographer, has a few ideas on how to quickly educate a diverse group of youtube producers on
concepts such as Straight / Absurd & Patterns.

These are concepts he learned while producing festivals in Austin Texas. Jesse helped cast & produce shows for SXSW & the first ever Moontower Comedy Festival before being pressured out of town by childlike cliques.

Jesse doesn't harbor anger or animosity.

He just thinks it's funny.

He also thinks performance art has an obligation to help change the status quo.

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