May Electives at the Hideout ($10 on Wednesdays 7-10pm)

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May Electives at the Hideout ($10 on Wednesdays 7-10pm)

Postby acrouch » May 8th, 2013, 2:42 pm

April electives are every Wednesday at the Hideout. Each two-hour class will cost $10 ($5 for currently enrolled Hideout students).

Check out the upcoming topics:

Wednesday, May 8, 7-9pm
Free Form Narrative with Asaf Ronen
In approaching improvised narrative, it is very easy to get caught up in the Whos and Whats of the plot and get overly thinky. Asaf Ronen (Institution education director) will show you how to get back into the moment in a way that will help you find out which Whos and Whats are more important. See a way to map your own character’s story arc against the backdrop of the main narrative. And most importantly, learn how to always get inspired, even while traversing those minefields of offers that can make us lose our footing.

Wednesday, May 15, 7-9pm
GOTE for Improv with Matthew Falkenberg
Robert Cohen’s ground-breaking approach to acting, know by the acronym GOTE, has become one of the most widely used in America today. Recent Austin transplant Matthew Falkenberg has been using Cohen’s proven techniques to train Atlanta improv students since 2010. Now, it’s your chance learn to use GOTE to create profound characters and compelling scenes that’ll captivate any audience.

Wednesday, May 22, 7-9pm
Side Support Like a Boss with Kevin Miller
The bench is one of the most powerful places to be in an improv show. With the right entrance, line or even sound effect, you can help the scene turn into something awesome. If you passively watch, meanwhile, you can leave your fellow improvisers hung out to dry. Kevin Miller (Merlin-Works instructor) will teach you how to hone your instinct for an offer from the sidelines—know when to join the scene, when to stay off and how to seamlessly become part of the show.

Wednesday, May 29, 7-9pm
When the Lights Come Up with Adam Trabka
Feeling flatfooted when initiating scenes? Out of sync with the rest of your troupe? An opening at the top of your show is a great way not only to generate material for your show, but also build energy and get your troupe all on the same page. Adam Trabka (ColdTowne performer) will take you through a number of opening games, including “the Invocation,” that will help your troupe start building momentum from the moment the lights come back up. Even if you never perform an opening on stage, this workshop will help build the muscles to improve listening, group mind and using details to your advantage.

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