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Sketch Writing Group - free

Postby seedyeye » April 2nd, 2013, 10:33 pm

I'm in the process of putting together a sketch writing group. This is not a formal class, and there is no fee. This is simply a weekly writing group who will give each other writing assignments, read & give constructive critiques of each other's work and help to foster creativity, motivate each other and improve each other's skills. I do have formal experience in teaching sketch comedy outside of Austin, however I haven't done much with it since moving here a year ago, so I mainly want to start writing sketch regularly again and hope to find others who are also passionate about it and would like to be pushed to write better sketches. This is not a sketch troupe, in fact writers already belonging to sketch troupes are welcome to come and hone their skills and fine tune their sketches. I'd like to keep the group under 8 people.

About me:
I've been doing improv for about 18 years. Was trained at Improv Olympic, Second City, the Groundlings and UCB in Los Angeles. My own show, The Award Winning Documentary, ran for 3 years at the Improv Olympic West where it opened for Jeff Garlin's (of Curb Your Enthusiasm) show. I graduated the sketch writers program at Second City, with two of my sketches winning their American Sketch Idol competition. I've wrote and put up a number of sketch shows in Los Angeles before moving to Denver where I both performed and taught Improv and sketch comedy at the Bovine Metropolis theater. Then I moved to Austin where I haven't been doing shit. Most recently I'm the host and creator of The Dress Rehearsal, a twice monthly variety show at the Spider House Ballroom.

Contact me if you are interested. Put "Sketch writing" in the subject line. Include some info about yourself and your sketch comedy writing experience, hopes or dreams.

Steve Harwood
- Steve "Innuendo" Harwood
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