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AN IMPROVISER PREPARES - Acting for Improvisers

Postby Asaf » March 21st, 2013, 1:21 am


Saturday, April 20th & April 27th, 3pm - 6pm

$125 / $100 for Institution Students
(Use Discount Code InstitutionActing)

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Here’s the thing: An Actor Prepares. But that doesn’t mean they have to stick to Stanislavski’s Method, or Meisner’s, or any other individual philosophy for that matter. This two day workshop will give you an interactive and comprehensive revue of a variety of acting methodologies, and let you pick and choose for yourself.

Whether you’re an improviser who is looking to get into scripted work, a seasoned professional looking to regain focus, or just an ordinary human being looking to get a glimpse into the wide worlds of improv, theatre, and film acting, this workshop is for you. Mr. Ferstenfeld will do everything in his power to prepare you for the scripted world in these humble six hours. He will show you how to use your life experience and/or improv skills to infuse a script with new life and keep it fresh and engaging every time. He will help you form and refine your own personal performance philosophy to take back into the improvised and scripted worlds alike. And, yes, he will REVEAL the ONLY line-memorization trick that WORKS!

Michael Ferstenfeld is the Producing Artistic Director and co-founder of Austin, TX based theatre company, DYSTHEATRE, which is short for "Do You See Theatre," and yes, he does see a lot of theatre when he's not directing, producing, acting, or teaching it. He’s currently producing a Shakespeare festival and playing Richard III in it, directing a third season of “The Professor: Improv Inspired by Doctor Who,” gearing up for a third season of “This American LIVE!” as Not Ira Glass, and performing as Romeo at ZACH theatre every Wednesday thru Sunday of April in “The Balcony Play.” He's also a card-carrying member of two-time B. Iden Payne award-winning and internationally touring comedy troupe "Confidence Men: Improvised Mamet," and was recently nominated in the “Best Actor in a Drama” category by for his performance in Dystheatre’s True West.

"Both brothers shine brightly here, with Ferstenfeld in particular throwing his hat into any acting race, making a true name for himself in the Austin theatrical world, and Dystheatre has made themselves a name to remember."
-Ryan Johnson,
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Re: AN IMPROVISER PREPARES - Acting for Improvisers

Postby The Institution Theater » April 15th, 2013, 11:18 am

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