Wednesday Electives at the Hideout are Only $10 in 2013

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Wednesday Electives at the Hideout are Only $10 in 2013

Postby acrouch » December 27th, 2012, 6:44 pm

We're trying out a new pricing for our Wednesday electives. Each two-hour class will cost $10 ($5 for currently enrolled Hideout students).

Check out the upcoming topics:

Wednesday, January 2, 7-9pm
Crossing the Streams with Cody Dearing
If Ghostbusters taught us anything (but what didn’t it teach us?) it is that four individual lasers aren’t as powerful as those lasers combined into ONE GIANT SUPER LASER. Our powers as improvisers are also stronger when we work together. This workshop with Cody Dearing (ColdTowne artistic director and conservatory dean) will focus on the practical skills that help improvisers build their scenes together: Simple listening and reacting. Working line by line. Identifying a mutual focus. Being aware of your position in the scene.

Wednesday, January 9, 7-9pm
The Physics of Improv with Asaf Ronen
(subtitle: How to change that scene that’s uncomfortable, unenjoyable or potentially dangerous for the better) We’ve all been in THAT scene. The one with the uh-oh moments that pulls us out of the scene, makes us worry, feels out of our control. Well, it doesn’t have to. Asaf Ronent (Institution education director) will show you how to reset your default responses to those moments in a way that helps you regain the fun of the scene.

Wednesday, January 16, 7-9pm
You're Going to Look a Little Bit Stupid with Brett Tribe
Many improvisers are skeptical of the efficacy of warm ups, exercises, games and formats. When pressed, they often admit that they are afraid of failing. In this workshop with Brett Tribe (ColdTowne and Hideout improviser) we will work on releasing ourselves from the self-judgement that tells us ‘this is stupid, don’t do it’ by both engaging in strange behavior and also by explaining the reasons for some of theater’s odder exercises.

Wednesday, January 23, 7-9pm
Andy is Mean to You with Andy Crouch
Andy is probably wasting his time even trying to tell you what this workshop is all about. You’ve spent how many hours in improv classes and Andy Crouch (Hideout education director and just tired) still has to watch you flail around the stage sucking air like a fish? Jesus Christ. Well the molly coddling is over and if you want Andy’s unvarnished and possibly drunk instruction, then show up. Because in your heart of hearts you are dirty and broken and you want this.

Wednesday, January 30, 7-9pm
The Power of Positivity with Jon Bolden
Agreement is a powerful element of improv. This workshop showcases how being positive, staying on the same team, and starting with agreement can propel you into a scene before you realize it! Jon Bolden and Roy Janik started the troupe, Squirrel Buddies, to focus on staying together even in arguments and what might otherwise be considered negative scenarios. Jon will share some of the exercises and warmups they developed that will lead to more positive scene work.

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Postby happywaffle » December 28th, 2012, 12:12 pm

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Re: Wednesday Electives at the Hideout are Only $10 in 2013

Postby acrouch » January 8th, 2013, 3:10 pm

This week's elective with Asaf Ronen is waiting for YOU!
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