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Help AIC member in NYC

PostPosted: January 28th, 2015, 11:30 am
by Shawn
Hi Austin Improv community:

For those that don't know me - I performed from '06 to '10 before moving to NYC to work in the film biz (See Birdman!). I've been independently developing a TV show that I'm moving forward with selling. JUMP IN is fresh take on the news/pop culture where your opinion matters. I am in talks with agents about moving forward and selling my show. I am upping the show's social media presence and would really appreciate your help. It is pretty easy.

1) Please follow the show on Twitter:

2) Please like the show on Facebook and share posts when you can:

3) Please share and retweet posts whenever possible! The more retweets and followers the better :) - The retweet button works great and lets pictures go through. A manual RT is even better b/c of how twitter's architecture works (long story).

Thank you!

Shawn Leventhal